Event Information

EVENT TIME: 17.11.2017 12:00 pm – 19.11.2017 6:00 pm.
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BayJam is a classic 48 hour game jam event, held in old brewery, Malski in Lahti, Finland. In game jams you make games in small groups in a given time from a given theme. The theme of Bay Jam will be revealed at the event on Friday.

The event is open for all skill levels. From the curious about game development to seasoned veterans on game development, everyone is welcome!

The jam is also meant to be a learning experience for those who are new to the game development. We also have slots for game related talks during the Jam. The details will be updated to the programme as soon as we get confirmation from the speakers. Stay tuned!

The event is BYOC (bring your own computer), but we have up to 8 machines to lend during the jam, so ask organizers, if you need one.

Remember, the game jam is more about meeting new people, learning new stuff, and having fun with game development, rather than a competition. So let’s enjoy the event and have a good time!

Every completed game will be uploaded to BayJam’s itch.io site.

The doors open at 12 noon on Friday 17.11. You can join the jam at any point, even after the groups are formed. The organizers will find you a team who needs extra hands.

Please note that the event is for ages 17 and up. Saturday afternoon programme is open to everyone.

Let’s learn together and help each other make awesome games!


The First / Ensimmäinen

Event Location

Event is held in Malski, old brewery in Lahti, Finland.
Address is, Päijänteenkatu 9 – 11,  entrance through Mallaskatu.
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Malski Map

Jam Schedule:

DAY 1 – FRIDAY 17.11.
12:00 Welcome jammers! The doors are now open.
15:00 Opening Speech for game jam, introduction of the on-site staff and jammers.
15:30 Game idea roulette, fun way to make random game ideas.
15:45 Forming teams of 3 – 5 people. You can join teams also later on.
16:00 Revealing theme, game development starts!
16:30 UnityTreenit -session, open to everyone who’s interested in learning about Unity and game development.
18:00 Game development continues.
20:00 Checkpoint for games developed so far.
22:00 Day activities ends. Development can continue throughout night. Remember your sleeping bags!
NB. One of the organizers will be on site at all times.  

DAY 2 – SATURDAY 18.11.
09:00 Doors open. Game development continues.
12:00 Introduction to GameChangers -project. [GameChangers]
13:00 Pokitto, new innovative gadget for learning programming. [POKITTO]
14:00 PLAYS eSports bar is opening in Lahti. [PLAYS eSport Bar]
21:00 Game testing. Game Uploading to the Itch.io jam site can begin.
23:00 Playtesting and development continues.
NB. One of the organizers will be on site at all times.

DAY 3 – SUNDAY 19.11.
09:00 Doors open. Final adjustments for the games.
10:00 Uploading check, see if everyone has made page for their games and at least some screenshots (preferably game play videos too).
15:00 Game development ends. Time to try out each other’s games and give feedback.
16:00 Finishing speech.
16.30 Time to say byebye and start cleaning up.
18:00 Lights out and the doors close.